Peter’s Marriage Manual (1 Peter 3:1-7)

To my dear married sisters or planning to get married sisters, Peter devoted more words for instructing wives in marriage, but he packed a single, pointed verse to husbands with a lifetime’s worth of practical wisdom. In all, verses 1-7 provide the basic outline for a healthy marriage. Difficulties in a relationship can usually be traced […]

S4: Pslam 119 Devotional Series: It’s a Heart Matter.

To sustain our spiritual appetite, we must cultivate a heart that seeks God. For it is the sincere, heart seeking of God that will keep our feet from going astray (v.10, Prov. 4:23). The heart that seeks God will be directed by the Holy Spirit to see God in every aspects of life; desires to learn more and about God; and develop an honest and intimate fellowship with God. But how can we cultivate a heart that seeks God? By spending time in God’s Word, doing what God’s Word instructs, and delighting in God’s Word.

Psalm 119 Devotional Series

Psalm 119 is known to be the longest Psalm. However, this Pslam also portrays the passionate desire of the Psalmist to intimately know the Word of God and his hunger for God’s holiness. As women of God we should desire this intimacy with God and His Word as well. This means we should actively and intentionally pursue God’s Word. This is the purpose of the Psalm 119 Devotional Series.

Idle Words

Idle word” means a “word that accomplishes nothing neither in ministering grace or instruction to those who hears it.”As I read that meaning, the lightbulb slowing turned on and with it absolute horror! I finally got it! God will judge my every word (oral & written) that has accomplished nothing. Flashes of conversations flooded my thoughts – moments of unguarded conversations; things I’ve written on social media and different platforms; times when I’ve lied; the list goes on. And if God judges my small talk, how much more will he judge my words that were deliberate?!