Psalm 119 Devotional Series

Psalm 119 is known to be the longest Psalm. However, this Pslam also portrays the passionate desire of the Psalmist to intimately know the Word of God and his hunger for God’s holiness. As women of God we should desire this intimacy with God and His Word as well. This means we should actively and intentionally pursue God’s Word. This is the purpose of the Psalm 119 Devotional Series.

Let’s Dive in.

S1: Blessed are the Undefiled.

Dear Woman of God,

The truth is none of us are “undefiled.” But God (I am so thankful for these two words in the Bible) made us undefiled. Here “undefiled” does not mean sinless, but rather a person who is wholeheartedly devoted to God. This means someone who is diligently and sincerely seeking God with all integrity. Heart, mind, body, and soul (the full being) is seeking God.

We know that Jesus is the only man that could conquer walking in the “law” blamelessly. However, do you remember the two words mentioned above “But God”? Yes, “But God” made us holy “in Christ.” Therefore, in Christ, we are “holy” and “without blame before Him” (Eph 1:4). In Christ we are justified “undefiled in the way” and can confidently “walk in the law” and declare that we are BLESSED.

But, here is the thing – if we are not wholeheartedly devoted to the Lord. We do not qualify under “undefiled” which means we are not walking in the law of the Lord and unfortunately, we miss our blessing. If we are here. My prayer is that may we be aware of our need for Him and furiously change our course and purse Him wholeheartedly.

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